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Daisy hickman2015October Memoir Teleseminar

October  23, 2015

11 am PST   12 pm  MST  1 pm  CST   2 pm EST

“Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Writing memoir can feel like this … like being “trapped in the amber of the moment.” So how can we work with this … how do we find our way through the amber to hints of clarity? What brings our work to life when we are focused on the past to a large extent? I spent seven years on my memoir, and every second was needed. Why? Because perspective and depth can only be found when time is transcended, so to speak. And to accomplish this, you have to see your manuscript as a living, breathing document – a force to be reckoned with, embraced, and celebrated.

Here are a few things that might help:

1. Trust your intuition
2. Accept the terrain
3. Don’t force the creative process
4. Seek a balanced approach to life/work
5. Illuminate your writing, your memoir, with the richness of hard-earned insights … think beyond self and consider how others might benefit

D. A. (Daisy) Hickman, poet, prose author, and publisher (Capturing Morning Press), is also the 2010 founder of SunnyRoomStudio—a creative, sunny space for kindred spirits. Here, you’ll find her author blog, book suggestions, kindred spirit quotes. Hickman also features inspiring Studio Guests (other writers, artists) in SunnyRoomStudio. The author holds a master’s degree in sociology (Iowa State University), and earned her bachelor’s degree in legal studies at Stephens College (Columbia, Missouri). A member of the Academy of American Poets and South Dakota State Poetry Society, Hickman is at work on a poetry collection, Barely Touching the Earth, and The Zen of Noah, literary nonfiction.

For author updates or to subscribe to Hickman’s blog, visit SunnyRoomStudio.com or follow SunnyRoomStudio on Facebook and Twitter.

Public email address: wisdom@sunnyroomstudio.com
Twitter: @dhsunwriter @mysunnystudio

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