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Laura_Fraser_Author_PhotoPresenter: Laura Fraser

May 22, 2015

11 am PDT 12 pm MDT 1 pm CDT 2 pm EDT

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In this teleseminar, Laura Fraser, editorial director of She Books, will address some of the thorny questions that come up about memoir. Writing a memoir forces us to ask tough questions about who we are, what we need to say, and how to best express the truth of our story. It’s a continual process to excavate the process all the way through your story.

We will discuss:

• How do you address the issue of: what is truth?
• Do you let your mother read it?
• How do you make a neat narrative arc out of your life when life is not so tidy?
• How to keep going when you feel discouraged.
• What an editor looks for when you submit your work.
• Finding slices of your long memoir for shorter publications.

Linda Joy and Laura will discuss these and other questions that plague all memoir writers, and we look forward to your questions and comments.

Laura Fraser is the author of the memoir The Italian Affair and has been published extensively online. She’s the Editorial Director of Shebooks.net, which publishes short e-books by and for women. Laura has  taught memoir writing for several years, including at her own Mexican Writing Fiestas in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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