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Mary Karr’s The Liars’ Club is one of the classic memoirs that started the Memoir Revolution. This book is so engrossing that anyone who’s read it has the same reaction: I LOVED THAT BOOK! As a reader, you identify with her raucous, dangerous family.

Karr’s honest exploration of sex, guns, and alcohol pushes the boundaries of what we might think we’re allowed to write, giving the rest of us creative inspiration and permission around what’s possible for us with our own writing. Karr’s a trustworthy narrator of tragedy and trauma, sprinkling hope and compassion throughout—the perfect recipe for a compelling memoir.


Join Linda Joy Myers and Brooke Warner, co-authors of Breaking Ground on Your Memoir, for an in-depth conversation about Mary  Karr’s The Liars’ Club, and a discussion about what made this memoir become a favorite.

  • How Mary Karr handles trauma in The Liars’ Club and what you can learn from her.
  • How to use varied narrative/voice techniques to guide the reader through a complicated story and through to transformation.
  • How Mary Karr’s uses a circular structure to unpack her intense story, and how to choose what to tell and when.
  • Ways to bring your characters to life, and what we can learn about character development in The Liars’ Club.


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