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Many memoir writers find that they are better able to make progress with their book when they have accountability and a deadline, who can share their work  with someone who will read their work carefully and who understands the demands of writing a memoir.  Memoir writers find it’s helpful to work with someone who not only focuses on the structure and theme of the book but can offer insight into the psychology of writing a memoir. Writing a memoir means that we need to dig deep into our feelings, psyche and past as we lived it, where we can encounter challenges in either writing about those times, or feelings where we get stuck in exploring who we were then, and what we did. Sometimes writing a memoir is an act of testimony about our lives, and sometimes it can put us on the path of forgiveness and a deeper resolution. In a month where we celebrate gratitude, we can turn our attention toward the healing, positive, and growth potential of writing our memoir—telling the stories that we have always held close to our hearts. In the New York Times article about memoir writing last month you can find out more about how writing a memoir offers self-growth and awareness, which is immensely valuable.

Benefits of coaching

  • Learn how to develop your story-writing skills.
  • Find out what makes a good story great.
  • Discover the three stages of memoir writing: Kickstarting Your Memoir, The Muddy Middle, and Birthing Your Book Into the World (learn more about that here!)
  • Create deadlines so you are motivated to get your work done.
  • Get help with the editing and publishing process.
  • Gather resources about writing and publishing your book.


If you are interested in exploring the idea of coaching, we can set up a free strategy planning session to talk about the theme of your book, your goals, and where you want help. To contact me about coaching, please write memoirguru@namw.org

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