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 Angela's Ashes

Tuesday: September 30

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Angela’s Ashes… you know, it’s the Irish story, the “miserable Irish childhood” that Frank McCourt would talk about with tongue in cheek–and how we miss you Frank! For those of us who fell in love with this book, we know that Angela’s Ashes, the first of his two memoirs–they were really one book for a while–is beloved by so many people, a book that we laugh with and cry with, and read over and over again. And oh, we see the movie too!

Brooke Warner and I have been teaching New York Times Best Sellers–Wild, Eat, Pray, Love, and The Glass Castle for the last year, and it was time, we decided, to teach a memoir by a male writer. We sent out a survey and Angela’s Ashes won by a landslide.

As memoir coaches, we had to ask some pithy questions for this Free webinar about McCourt’s Pulitzer prize winning book:

Why is Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes one of the most beloved memoirs of all times?

How did McCourt manage to write about the horrors of his upbringing while still delivering a universal message?

What can we learn from his story that will help us with our own memoir in progress?

The art of balancing his heartbreaking story with being able to deliver to all of us something valuable is part of what we will be examining during this hour-long webinar. Every memoir strives to do this, so it is important to learn how the best memoir writers pull it off to great acclaim. Not all of us may write a best seller–though we can strive to create  a book that is that good and with such a universal message–but we all can learn the techniques that help us to create the very best memoir we can write. Please join us for an exploration of Angela’s Ashes, and discover new insights about your memoir writing!


Please join us for the free webinar!

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