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Garden_seat_arbor_pink_roses_smallThe roses are blooming all over! Fragrant gardens, birdsong, and blossoms, many shades of green, wafting soft breezes, happy earthworms–spring has sprung! Our minds melt into dream with such richness of the earth with new life, the flowering of what will be the fruits of the harvest. I believe that when we tune into the natural forces of the earth and the cycles of time, our creativity is lit up, inviting us to dig into the treasures of our hearts and souls.

Remember, every month of this year invites you to make more progress on your memoir. As you tune into the glorious light of the season, are you shining your creative light into your memoir writing? What legacy are you going to leave about your life and the gifts you can share with others?

Here’s a checklist of questions you can ask yourself about the progress of your memoir.
  • How many words each month/week/day is my goal?
  • How many words am I writing? Keep a running list on your computer.
  • What are my turning point stories–the most important ones to include? List them
    again and compare to your last list. Maybe you thought of some new stories
    to add.
  • How many turning point stories have I finished? How many are started?
  • What inspired you to keep writing: List three things.
  • What skill sets do you need to develop? How are you doing that?
  • Remember, writing 500 words a day gets you to a first draft manuscript in six
In the memoir Roundtables and Member Teleseminars each month at the National Association of Memoir Writers, the callers enjoy saying hello to me, the presenters, and each other. Over time, we get to know each other, and build a feeling of community.
We enhance community connections on our member and open Facebook groups and page. Just type in National Association of Memoir Writers, and join us. Tell us what you’re writing and reading, the new skills you’ve developed, and what is happening in your writing life.
To celebrate remembering, to encourage you to write your story and leave your legacy, we’re offering a membership sale, a full $49 off our usual fee.
For four days, May 24-May 27–it’s just $109.00 for our full membership, a $149 value. You will immediately be able to download our digital gifts, and we’ll be sending you in the mail our welcome package.
To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the National Association of Memoir Writers, we’re including three additional gifts in the mail package:
Notepad, pen, and magnet branded with our newest design:
The welcome package also includes the 5 Secrets of Memoir Writing booklet and CD, a CD interview of Kay Adams, founder of the Center for Journal Therapy, a welcome letter, and tips on memoir writing. Of course, members have access to all the resources in the membership side of the site, which include over 130 audios, articles, and several eBooks. To learn more about our membership benefits please visit us here.  
Take advantage of our Memorial Day Sale by clicking here.
I wish you a glorious Memorial Day, and invite you to remember, write, and celebrate your life by starting your memoir




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