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Dawn Herring photoMarch Member Teleseminar

March 21, 2014

11 AM PDT    12 PM  MDT     1 PM  CDT    2 PM   EDT

Do you need a fresh approach toward discovering who you are and appreciating what you bring to this world? Are you looking for a fresh perspective in all of your life dimensions and want to express your creativity, thus increasing the quality of your life? Are you looking for a way to set appropriate boundaries in order to thrive and live life authentically?

Dawn Herring, Host of #JournalChat Live for all things Journaling on Twitter, will share the empowering process of discovery journal writing can take when you make is part of your daily routine, honoring your preferences, personality and purpose in life and appreciating yourself for who you are. Find empowering patterns of life experience and give expression to your creativity in all forms that are the most meaningful to you.


 What you need to know about journaling:

  • Journaling is an empowering tool in learning to love and respect yourself from the inside out.
  • Journaling helps you to honor your preferences, your personality and your purpose in life.
  • Journaling enables you to appreciate yourself for who you are, validate your emotions and feelings and nurture your soul.
  • Journaling gives you space to express your point of view, release your angst and revel in joy with life experiences. It enables you to determine what it is you really want in life as you record your thoughts, dreams and desires.
  • Journaling activates your awareness of what works for you, what is toxic to you and what empowers you. The process enables you to create proper boundaries, express your creativity and empower you to discover your life purpose and even your destiny so you can leave your positive and unique mark in the world.
  • Journaling can become an empowering tool when you make it part of your routine, something you look forward to daily, to be inspired, uplifted, and to strengthen the fabric of your life tapestry.

My personal approach includes daily personal journaling, dream journaling, spiritual journaling and art journaling which combines color, texture, image, and message to express myself creatively.

My personal daily exercise each evening: Use a Star * or X to mark each item in a list you create of positive and negative life experiences and use a word or phrase to describe how you feel about each event. The visual helps you discover any imbalances (too much negativity, not enough of what uplifts you). Repeating patterns may reveal what is toxic to you so you know where to implement appropriate boundaries and what is refreshing so you can determine to make more time for these activities to improve the quality of your life.


Dawn’s BIO:

Dawn Herring is a writer, journal writer, artist and host of the monthly #JournalChat Live for all things journaling on Twitter. Her thematic focus is on journal writing, refreshment, positive change and personal empowerment on her blog, Refresh with Dawn Herring: For a Fresh Perspective and in her published articles. She publishes a monthly Refresh Journal, offers private Refresh Sessions to help you discover Who You Are through Authentic Refreshment, and is the author of The Birthday Wall: Create a Collage to Celebrate Your Child. She is also office manager and director of Social Media and SEO for Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. Her website is dawnherring.net. Her Twitter is @JournalChat and @DawnHerring. Her Facebook is JournalWriter Freelance where Dawn’s #JournalChat Favorite and Dawn’s #JournalChat Choice are featured. She always reminds folks to refresh themselves.

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