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2014 Virtual Book Club Audio Library

So, What? The Reflective Voice in Memoir & Why It Matters

by Marilyn Bousquin | DECEMBER 2014

How To Capture Emotion in Your Memoir

by Angela Ackerman | NOVEMBER 2014

The Big Decision: Memoir or Fiction

by Carol Bodensteiner and Mary Gottschalk | OCTOBER 2014

Develop the Mystery in Your Memoir

by Mani Feniger | SEPTEMBER 2014

Authenticity in Memoir Writing

by Karen Levy | AUGUST 2014

Crowdfunding for Books

by Amanda Barbara, Pubslush, Sonia Marsh, Kathy Pooler | JULY 2014

Out on a Limb: When Your Message Defies Expectations

by Jill Smolowe | JUNE 2014

Self-Publish Your Book on a Shoestring

by Sharon Lippincott and Boyd Lemon | APRIL 2014

5 Things You Need to know To Become an Award Winning Author

by Linda Bello Ruiz | MARCH 2014

Who Am I Now? The Changing Self in Memoir

by Mark Matousek | FEBRUARY 2014

Storyboarding Your 2014 Visions

by Kathleen (Kay) Adams | JANUARY 2014