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Sonia MarshAugust 23, 2013

11 AM PDT    12 PM MDT   1 PM CDT    2 PM EDT

Member Teleseminar

We are pleased to present Sonia Marsh, author of From Freeways to Flipflops, a prize-winning memoir. Sonia is a DIY expert, and has a lot to share with us about the new ways we can each promote our books and be a successful author. 

From Sonia:
I’m a writer just like you, and I’m grateful that a small traditional press rejected my manuscript. Why? Because as an unknown author I realized that marketing and promotion is my responsibility.

I took rejection and turned it into a challenge, “I’ll show them I can get the press interested, I’ll show them I can get my book into Costco, I’ll show them I can put together a big event and get media coverage.”

My goal is to inspire writers to take charge of their own publishing, marketing and promotion, and follow their “Gutsy” path towards success.


Topics Covered:

1). 5 ways to grow your platform and gain visibility

  • Start a contest
  • Start a group
  • Start speaking
  • Create an event
  • Keep active and networking

2). Awards:

  • When to submit
  • what’s involved
  • Should you pay for Awards?

3). How to get book signings at book clubs, book stores and Costco:

  • How to make them successful
  • Mistakes to avoid

4). Creativity and thinking outside the box

  • Keep learning
  • Attend conferences, especially those related to your passion
  • Network, network, network

5). Think Community, not “buy my book.”


Sonia Marsh is a “Gutsy” woman who can pack her carry-on and move to another country in one day. She inspires her audiences to get out of their comfort zone and take a risk. She says everyone has a “My Gutsy Story®”; some just need a little help to uncover theirs. Her story, told in her travel memoir Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family’s Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island, is about chucking it all and uprooting her family—with teenagers— to reconnect on an island in Belize. Her memoir has received seven awards, including 1st Place, in the “Autobiography/Memoir E-Lit Awards 2012/13 . 

Sonia has lived in many countries – Denmark, Nigeria, France, England, the U.S. and Belize – Sonia Marsh considers herself a citizen of the world. She holds a degree in environmental science from the University of East Anglia, U.K., and now lives in Southern California with her husband, Duke, and their rat terrier Cookie.

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