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Dan Blank

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September 12, 2013



Fellow memoirists and writers–Sometimes we can feel that the social media octopus has grabbed us with its many tentacles  to wrap around ourselves while we sink to the bottom of the ocean. At least that can be how it feels sometimes!

Dan Blank, blog and social media expert, is going to talk with us about how to get LESS overwhelmed while learning how to choose your social media, and develop your platform.

I know, you’re tired of hearing about platform, but let’s translate this to: Just start THINKING about who, SOMEDAY, you’d like to reach with your message, your wisdom, your book. You don’t have to figure it all out now–honest!

We’ll cover some of these questions:

1. What are the basic social media you need to consider developing?

2. How can you keep writing while slowly creating the networks and connections you will need later?

3. What are the cautions about using social media tools that you most need to know?

4. How do you decide who to admit into your online life–and what do you need to know to decide?

5. How do you connect your goals with your social media planning?


Dan Blank is the Founder of WeGrowMedia.com where he helps writers find their readers, and craft their platforms. He has worked with hundreds of writers, and has consulted with Random House, Workman Publishing, Perseus Books Group, The Kenyon Review, Writers House, F&W Media, Writers Digest, Mediabistro and others. He speaks regularly at writing and publishing conferences and can be found at  http://WeGrowMedia.com, or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/DanBlank



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