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Workshop leader: Linda Joy Myers, author of The Power of Memoir

June 20-August 8    Thursdays 3-4 PM

Write raw, write bold. Tell secrets on the page, make lists, tune into your muse. All this is what we do in this short class that focuses on process not product. I have taught this workshop for several years, and always it is a powerful experience for writers who want to have support and witnessing for their deeply personal stories, for stories they’ve never told before, for stories that are whispering in their ear.

Each week the writers tune into their stories, and send them off to the workshop members for feedback– having a deadline really helps! Everyone tells me that without the weekly expectation of having a story sent off to the class by Tuesday, they wouldn’t have written that week. Some stories have been waiting to be written for a long time, others are being re-written through a new lens. The class offers you supportive feedback to help you keep writing, and feedback that helps you to see the strengths in your stories. (Usually we can see what needs to be worked on ourselves.)

We give feedback via email, then meet together as a group during the Teleworkshop time–Thursdays 3-4 PM. There we can be informal, have a spontaneous discussion, or talk about craft hints that may help the next draft of the story develop. Handouts include:

  • Turning points
  • Timeline
  • Scenes in memoir
  • Plot and narrative arc in memoir
  • The narrator in a memoir
  • Writing to heal
  • Secrets and truths

If you have questions, contact Linda Joy at lindajoy at namw dot org.


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