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Sharon Lippincott

Sharon Lippincott


May 24, 2013

11 AM PDT   12 PM MDT 1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT


 Sharon Lippincott, our May Member Teleseminar presenter, will illuminate  us with tips about how to write great and compelling descriptions–a skill that makes our writing shine. Please join us!

Have you ever felt like your writing is a little flat and drab and not known how to fix it? You might have tried amping up adjectives and slipping in similes, but even that wasn’t enough. Don’t be discouraged. This teleseminar will help you start transforming blah stories to brilliant ones.

Few people think beyond adjectives, similes and metaphor when they think of description. Some realize the importance of including sensory description, so they add taste, smell and tactile sensations to the more standard sounds and visual cues, but it takes more to keep readers glued to the page.

I’ve written dozens of blog posts through the years, many covering elements outside this narrow description, but even I was surprised when I began lacing forty-eight of those posts into my recently released anthology, The Heart and Craft of Writing Compelling Description, and a larger picture emerged.

I can’t wait to tell you more about it. Join me for the May Member Teleseminar and discover

  • An expanded understanding of the elements of description
  • How to create a stronger emotional connection with readers
  • How the right noun can add extra dimension to your story
  • Secrets of strong similes
  • How to use a public resource to strengthen description skills

Look through a few old stories before the call to get ideas on questions to ask about how you can write more compelling description yourself. H&C Description front cover

About Sharon Lippincott

Sharon Lippincott is a lifestory writing instructor and coach, and the author of The Heart and Craft of Writing Compelling DescriptionThe Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing , The Albuquerque Years, and several hundred vignettes, essays and stories about her life, many of which have been published. Her blog, The Heart and Craft of Life Writing, has been inspiring readers with writing tips, ideas, and insights since 2007.

Sharon serves on the advisory board of National Association of Memoir Writers. She serves on the faculties of the Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh Osher Program and leads writing workshops online and locally in southwestern Pennsylvania. She serves as an advisor to lifestory writing groups in Allegheny County Libraries and is founder of We Write!@(our library) Creative Writing University.

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