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 Susan Weidener

Free Roundtable Discussion April 11, 2013

4 PM PDT   5 PM MDT  6 PM  CDT  7 PM EDT

You’re feeling good because you finally wrote and published your first memoir. Perhaps you feel complete and think you’re finished writing about your life. Many of us think that we are complete, but life goes on, and the book you wrote takes on a life of its own—thanks to your readers and audience. You find yourself thinking about another book.

Write two books on my life? Will anyone be interested? It’s easy to stop ourselves with these worries.

Susan Weidener has done just that, as have many famous authors like Mary Karr and Frank McCourt. Most of us have more than one story to tell. In this Roundtable discussion, Linda Joy and Susan are going to talk about writing a sequel to your first memoir. Linda Joy added an Afterword to her first edition, while Susan wrote a sequel to her first memoir. Mary Karr wrote three memoirs. You’re in good company here!

Writing a sequel to your first memoir is similar to writing the first book—it’s hard work, requiring a lot of soul-searching and putting yourself through the “meat grinder” in order to give your readers an honest piece of yourself.  But what’s different from writing your first memoir, and what are the challenges of writing a sequel? 

This second glance at your life story and your journey to a sequel offers many rewards: honing your craft as a writer, finding your voice (yet again), and writing more of the story that wasn’t in the first book. Another perk of bringing out a new edition is that you’ll build upon your previous connections, and add new authors, writers, and readers to your audience.

Interesting points in creating sequel to your first memoir:

  • Finding the seeds of the sequel in vignettes and stories that didn’t go in the first book.
  • Sharing the ongoing journey of lessons learned and finding the compelling narrative and through line that integrates the second book.
  • Writing a book that can stand apart and separate from the prequel.
  • Promoting and garnering interest in your first book, and giving your readers more insight into you, the author.


Susan G. Weidener’s bio:  A former journalist with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Susan is the author of two memoirs:  Again In a Heartbeat and its sequel, Morning at Wellington Square.  “I wrote my first book 13 years after my husband’s death from cancer.  I write about the journey of moving forward after pain and loss, and the search for love . . . this quest for passion, renewal and magic, which is the heart of any romantic. As a former journalist, I try telling a story in a way that makes my books page turners.” Susan leads writing workshops and started the Women’s Writing Circle, a support and critique group for writers in suburban Philadelphia. For more information about the Women’s Writing Circle and how to order Susan’s memoirs, go to www.susanweidener.com




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