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Most writers struggle ways to juggle promoting themselves and their upcoming books while getting their manuscripts written at the same time. Today, one promotional activity provides the solution to this problem: blogging. You can use your blog as a way to write your story while promoting yourself and your forthcoming book. In other words, you can blog about your book or you can blog your book. In either case, you can use your blog as your promotional hub.

A Blog Serves All Your Needs Promotional Needs

A blog allows you to do what you do best—write—while also providing the best promotional tool available to a writer today. Every time you publish a blog post, you provide new content for the search engines’ automated mechanisms, called spiders or bots, to catalog. The more keywords and keyword phrases you produce on any one topic, the higher up in the search engine results pages your blog (or website) rises. This means when someone searches for a particular keyword relevant to your blog, your website or blog will come up near the top of that first Google or Yahoo search engine results page. This makes you and your blog “discoverable.” Discoverability means you can attract more blog readers.

You Can Write Your Story (or Part of Your Story) on Your Blog

You can blog your book. You can actually make each one of your blog posts one tiny installment of your story. This is easier and more effective for nonfiction writers—even memoirists, whose content is filled with keywords and keyword phrases, and easily can be broken down into post-sized bits.

You can also blog short bits of your story—vignettes or short essays, for instance. This introduces readers to your work and helps you get your book written at the same time.

Of course, you can also just blog about themes and topics in your book, occasionally throwing in a short vignette, an example from your writing, but this won’t help you get your book written. It will help you promote your book.

Your Blog Helps You Sell Your Story

Best of all, today, not only blog readers may find your blog via the search engines. Potential book readers will find your blog and your eventual book via their searches.

Also, the media find experts using the search engines; they do not like to be approached with press releases any longer but prefer to find their sources on line. They will also find you via social networks, and you can (and should) promote your blog posts using social networks.

Additionally, agents and publishers find new authors on the internet. They troll cyberspace looking successful blogs, which they see as successfully test marketed book ideas.

So, if you tell your story in cyberspace using your blog, you may also sell it—to your blog readers, to potential book buyers doing searches on the internet, and to agents and to publishers.

Join Nina at our telesummit November 2 to learn more about blogging; ask the questions you have about blogging your book.

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