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Join Matilda Butler as she shares her new memoir writing system with  members of the National Association of Memoir Writers. During this hour-long workshop, she’ll reveal eight steps that can change the way you write. Learn how these steps allow you to write fast. And most importantly, learn how they take you deep into an understanding of your own story in a way that helps you “show” not “tell” your story. 

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Step 1: Write a synopsis of a scene in your memoir

Step 2: Understand the Deconstruction process

Step 3: Reveal the characters in the scene (Deconstruct)

Step 4: Uncover and track the emotions (Deconstruct)

Step 5: Tell it in dialogue (Deconstruct)

Step 6: Evoke the five senses (Deconstruct)

Step 7: Specify time and place (Deconstruct)

Step 8: Understand the Construction process and write your scene

Matilda’s eight steps are the foundation of Writing Alchemy, an approach that helps you be the best writer you can be and take full advantage of all the writing tips, techniques and methods you’ve learned previously and will learn in the future. It takes the opportunistic and accidental out of writing and gives you a system that makes you more strategic. You’ll be in control of your writing…what Matilda and her co-author Kendra Bonnett call a “purposeful writer.”

She’ll conclude with writing exercises you can do on your own to explore this new approach and see your writing change. 


Matilda Butler (along with Kendra Bonnett) is the co-founder of Women’s Memoirs, an award-winning author of more than 50 articles, contributor to several anthologies, including The New Papyrus (Microsoft Press), and co-author of the award-winning Women and the Mass Media. She is co-author with Kendra Bonnett of the collective memoir Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, which received a 2008 IPPY national book award as well as three other book awards. The second edition of this book has just been released and includes new interviews with Rosie’s Daughters—women born during World War II—as they enter their seventh decade with more passion, project, and plans than previous generations. Matilda teaches and coaches writers and is co-author of Writing Alchemy: How to Write Fast and Deep. Matilda, a social scientist and high-tech entrepreneur, applies her knowledge to memoir writing, helping people tell their life stories in new and powerful ways.



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