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Jerry Waxler teaches this 90 minute Teleclass

Jerry Waxler

4 Mondays September 24, October 1, 8, 15



To start a memoir, and just as importantly, to keep going, you must master the art of self-direction. This workshop will provide you the four essential elements to overcome resistance, and harness positive energy. Based on Jerry Waxler’s Four Elements of Self Help for Writers, the class will help you get to your chair and maintain focus and creativity while you’re there. Written exercises will help you connect the lessons to your own memoir writing journey. The workshop will give you insights into these four aspects of energetic writing:

Class One, Action: Use habits, schedules, dancing and doodling to keep writing and stay creative. Develop an intimate relationship between inspiration and perspiration. Learn to harness your left-brain to serve the right.

Class Two, Attitude: Your attitude can have a big impact on your energy. By developing healthy thoughts and beliefs about memoir writing, you can increase self-confidence, and defeat self-doubt and discouragement.

Class Three, Autobiographical Awareness: The story you tell about yourself has an enormous impact on your momentum. This session shows you how to turn that story into a self-help tool. An improved autobiographical awareness helps you improve your image as a memoir writer, and develop a future-story that includes success.

Class Four, Audience: By realize that writing is an attempt to communicate with an audience, you can use your relationship with them to help motivate you. Embrace your imaginary audience. Turn them from judges into fans. Make peace with gatekeepers.


Jerry Waxler M.S. is a workshop leader and writing coach, with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. He is the author of the blog, Memory Writers Network, [link: http://www.memorywritersnetwork.com/blog] which contains hundreds of essays, book reviews, and writing prompts about reading and writing memoirs. Mr. Waxler is the author of Learn to Write Your Memoirs, a Step by Step Guide and Four Elements for Writers, a self-help workbook, both available from his website. Jerry is a board member of the Philadelphia Writers Conference, teaches memoir writing at Northampton Community College and is on the advisory board of the National Association of Memoir Writers.


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