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Member Teleseminar with Amber Lea Starfire

May 18, 2012

11 AM PDT; 12 PM  MDT; 1  PM  CDT; 2 PM   EDT

We write before knowing what to say and how to say it, and in order to find out, if possible. ~ Jean-Francois Lyotard ~

Journaling can support your memoir writing in so many ways. We are happy to present our guest Amber Lea Starfire for our May 18 National Association of Memoir Writers Teleseminar for a short course in giving your writing more depth and power using journaling techniques.

Writers have always kept journals for a variety of reasons—recording life events, personal growth, healing, and stream of consciousness writing. Do you have a closet full of journals or boxes in storage? Many of us have kept our journals, and may look at journaling as something we do to just get things off our chest. But there are many uses for journaling, according to journal expert, writing coach, and author of Week by Week—A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts & Meditations.

Amber will teach us ways to use our journals that will guarantee to keep them on our bookshelves as terrific reference materials for memoir.

During the teleseminar you’ll learn how to use your journal as a tool

  • For identifying the important moments of your life
  • Accessing deep memories
  • Writing lyrically
  • Developing scenes, characters, and sensory  descriptions
  • Reflecting upon the impact and meaning of your life events

And more.

Amber Lea Starfire is a writer, editor, and teacher with a passion to help others tell their stories, make meaning of their lives, and access their inner wisdom and creativity through writing. Author of Week by Week—A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts & Meditations, her work has also appeared in Wisdom Has a Voice: Every Daughter’s Memories of Mother, Enchanted Spirit, the Conscious Mind Journal, Inner Sanctum, and Voice of Adoptees. Visit Amber’s website, www.writingthroughlife.com.

 This teleseminar is a free benefit for members of the National Association of Memoir Writers. If you want to know more about membership, please click here.

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