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At NAMW this month, we are so happy to welcome Naomi Rose, author of MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money. Naomi is a coach, author, publisher, and wise woman who will talk with us about the value and importance of writing our stories. Here is what she has to say about her presentation:

A memoir can be a way not only to make sense (and even art) of your life, but it also can so anchor your relationship to the deeper strata of your true existence that, years later, re-reading your book can align you with your most essential being. This was my experience writing MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money—and also reading it, again and again, over the years. I found that the directness and honesty of what I had written in a time of great vulnerability later anchored me to what was real, just by re-reading what I’d written. Interestingly, the subject of the book—the relation between money and the Feminine way of being—is even more widely appropriate now, in our spiritual and economic times.


Date: May 10, 2012

Time: 4 PM PDT; 5 PM MDT; 6 PM CDT; 7 PM EDT

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What participants will learn from our discussion


About writing a memoir:

  • Writing a memoir about a trying time in one’s life can bring forth the gifts of that time into your awareness—both while writing, and afterwards (as was my experience writing MotherWealth)
  • The gifts gleaned through writing about a trying time can be so ongoingly real that even later, when the crisis has passed, the wisdom from that time that’s recorded in the book remains to teach you, remind you, whisper you home. 
  • Vulnerability, which is pretty much avoided in our culture, is necessary for deep writing (and deep living); and writing about a vulnerable time in a willing, open-hearted way is not only good for the soul’s healing, it is also a prayer that resounds throughout space and time. There are surprisingly compassionate gifts that arise from the willingness to be vulnerable in writing.
  • Our life, if told with compassion, honesty, and beauty, is a gift to others as well as ourselves.


About money and the inner life:

  • As far as money and wealth are concerned, we need the feminine way to guide us into true prosperity. If we only follow the external, patriarchal model, we may end up with money, but not with our inner wealth—which is really what we seek, and is our connection to infinite spirit.
  • We have within us, especially as women, inner wealth that only rises to consciousness when we make room for it. This inner wealth, which often goes against the current of our existing culture, connects us to our true nature, which completely supports us. To get to this “MotherWealth” place, it helps to connect with our mothers (in life or in spirit), and to the Divine Mother. Then, from a place of presence, we can receive the outer manifestations of this inner wealth.



Naomi Rose is a writer, book developer, and publisher in Oakland, CA.  The creator of a unique approach to writing, “Writing from the Deeper Self,” she works with first-time book writers to help them bring forth the books of their hearts. MotherWealth was the first in her series on Money & the Inner Life (the current book is a revised edition). She is a featured book-writing columnist on Creativity Portal, and the publisher of Rose Press. 

You can visit Naomi online at:  www.essentialwriting.com    www.rosepress.com     www.motherwealth.com



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