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We have been ringing bells all week at NAMW  celebrating the fabulous response to our Telesummit last week! People from all over the world signed up to join us or have access to the amazing conference that featured Dinty W. Moore, Jennifer Lauck, Robin Hemley, Elisabeth Eaves, Anna Mitchael, Nicole Johns, and Penny Sansevieri. I captured a few ideas and quotes about the day to share with you. Remember, you can still sign up for the Telesummit and receive the audio downloads.

Dinty: When you sit down, you have to commit to your project—fiction or nonfiction from the beginning, and then focus on that goal. You can’t commit to telling the truth 30% or 60%. You need to commit all the way to writing nonfiction, and in so doing you will discover many things about yourself.

There are many kinds of truth to be found in both fiction and nonfiction—you arrive at a different understanding in one genre or the other.

Jennifer: Through writing we reach others and connect more deeply with ourselves.

Magic happens when we commit 100% to our writing.

When we begin, we need permission to write badly, to report, to record. Then keep working with the material, our writing and use craft to see what fits and what needs to be changed.

Robin: When I wrote Nola, I reoccupied a world that was lost-it’s like being in a time machine.

Write your stories first, worry about genre later.

In the Young Memoirists panel, we talked about how writing a memoir opens up worlds that people wouldn’t otherwise know—such a rehab and stripping. About audience:  Sometimes you’re surprised by who likes your book and who doesn’t.

Writing what you need to is important without worrying. You need to write the truth and share your authentic experience.

The purpose is to connect people.

Penny talked about the importance of learning about blogging. Connecting with others  through micro-blogging—Twitter—allows us in brief, bite-sized ways to start conversations with people we don’t know and share with them our interests. We can create networks of genuine connection on the internet.

The audio downloads are a great way to learn while driving, jogging or gardening from some of the best authors and teachers available for memoir writers. Take advantage of these last few days to have the downloads for yourself!

If you are looking for some other great telesummit audios, check out Writing to Save Your Life–56 pages and three audio download from experts about writing as healing–Dr. James Pennebaker and others.

Get out your journals and your laptop and get ready to be inspired!

~LInda Joy, NAMW President

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