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Jennifer will help us understand Memoir: A Hot Genre in Today’s Marketplace

2:15 PM EDT | 1:15 PM CDT |12:15 PM MDT| 11:15 AM PDT 

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Why is memoir such a hot genre right now? Should a memoir creatively reinterpret the facts or stick to the “real” truth—whatever that is? Is the genre of memoir in flux, or do we know what it is supposed to be? Do writers begin their memoir already skilled, or do they learn as they go—and how long does this take?

We will discuss these points and many others—how to write despite the family’s voice in your head, how to begin a memoir when you don’t know what you are doing, and ways to develop your craft—including structure, voice, and the process of writing a long work.

  • You will learn how memoir is defined in the current market and why it is so popular.
  • You will find out what writing a memoir requires of you—and what you need to do to stretch your writing self.
  • You want eager readers of your memoir—what do you need to give them to keep the pages turning?

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Lauck is the author of four memoirs, including the NY Times Bestseller, Blackbird and the long awaited sequel Found: A Memoir.  She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Pacific Lutheran University and had been teaching memoir for ten years.






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