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8 Experts Join Guest List to Discuss Truth or Lie–On the Cusp of Memoir and Fiction

The National Association of Memoir Writers is showcasing talented authors and teachers who are experts in Creative Nonfiction and memoir for the first ever Teleconference on Truth or Lie—On the Cusp of Memoir and Fiction, for the bi-annual National Association of Memoir Writers Day-Long Memoir Writing Teleconference, scheduled for October 21, 2011.

This unique conference drawing upon the expertise of well-known memoirists and teachers begins at 10 AM PDT. This event is open to the public at no cost. Advanced registration is required and audio recordings of each presentation will be provided to everyone who signs up in advance of the event. [popup url=”https://www.namw.org/wp-content/uploads/Fall2011TSsignup1.html”] Simply click here to SIGN UP NOW.[/popup]

The shape of the day begins with the world of Creative Nonfiction and Memoir— as the experts talk about issues that concern all writers who draw upon personal truth. Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic to Desire and editor of the online literary magazine Brevity, will lead off the discussion, followed by Jennifer Lauck, author of four memoirs including Blackbird and Found. Both are writers who have written about the genre of Creative Nonfiction and memoir, and are familiar with the courageous journey that writers take to explore the labyrinth of memory and truth.

Some writers who want to write memoir find it impossible for various reasons—legal, ethical, or emotional—to present their stories as factual truth, but they still want to capture the stories of their lives. Robin Hemley, author of two memoirs and Turning Your Life into Fiction, will talk about techniques that help writers make the transition from memoir to fiction, and the authors who have made that choice.

You do not have to be “of a certain age” to write a memoir. NAMW is pleased to present a panel of younger writers: Young Memoirists Talk about Truth in Writing Memoir with Elisabeth Eaves, Nicole Johns, and Anna Mitchael, each the author of courageous books that reveal much about their lives.

Penny Sansieveri, Author Marketing Expert,  rounds out the day with the important subject of marketing, getting comfortable with the idea of shifting from the private, personal world of journaling and memoir to the public world where these private issues are published and shared with others—which after all is the point of getting a book published.

“I’m so excited to have writers I’ve admired for so long talk with me on these important issues of truth in memoir writing. I know how hard writers struggle with memory, truth, family, and the courage to draw upon real life in creating their stories,” commented NAMW President , Dr. Linda Joy Myers.

The conference will help writers move forward in their journey from beginning writer to successful book author by answering the following questions:

  • Where do you begin writing your memoir, and how do you decide how much to reveal?
  • What do I do about family and friends who don’t want me to reveal personal details?
  • There are things I feel ashamed about writing—but they are part of my story. So I quit writing it. Do you have any advice about that?
  • How do I decide between memoir and fiction?
  • When should I create a blog about my book?
  • People tell me I’m too young to have anything to say. Should I just wait to write until I’m older.
  • How much can I shape and change the exact truth and still call this a memoir?

[popup url=”https://www.namw.org/wp-content/uploads/Fall2011TSsignup1.html”] Simply click here to SIGN UP NOW[/popup] for the event and we’ll send you more information as it becomes available, including the audio recordings of each presentation, shortly following the event.

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Thank you for your interest in the National Association of Memoir Writers.  And remember, be brave. Write your stories!

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