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An Interview with June 2011 Featured Member, Susan Rowland

NAMW:  What do you want to write about?

Susan: I’m writing from a woman’s perspective, adding my own lyrics and colors to the genre, hopefully inspiring others to have the courage to tell their stories. My themes are about overcoming obstacles such as childhood emotional trauma, the joys and challenges of raising kids, thirty years of job stories, and making choices. Currently, my memoir follows the child’s point of view in a narrative style, but that may change. Love of nature, experiences with the paranormal, and human relationships are all wrapped up in my life story.

By choosing to live close to the land in the 1970’s, I hauled water, chopped wood, and delivered my babies at home with midwives. My stories are not embellished with fiction. As an artist, I spent years exploring life’s back roads and alleys, along railroad tracks, and in the deep woods, describing it all in my illustrated journals. During my walks I recalled childhood memories of my Michigan grandfather, one of my favorite people.

I have a great love for children and the elderly. The spiritual journey is my life.

NAMW:  If you could imagine the title of your story-what would it be?

Susan: I have a few working titles- Rebel Girl is An Angel or Confessions of a Reluctant Psychic.  Finding A Voice.

NAMW: What helps you to get your writing done?

Susan: Daily journaling and drawing keeps me focused. Blogging helps me get my work out. I’m constantly taking classes, facilitating journaling workshops, engaging in spiritual groups, and enjoy doing online memoir with NAMW. I earned my BA in psychology at 53. I’m currently working on my masters degree in professional counseling in the field of expressive arts therapy.

NAMW: What are your favorite books?

Susan:  My favorite books would fill pages. I Know Why The Caged Bird SingsThe Diary of Anne FrankBlack Boy, Escape, The Liars Club, Bird by Bird, andThe Artist’s Way, immediately come to mind. In my pubescent years, I read everything from Great Expectations to In Cold Blood .

NAMW:   Is there anyone who does not want you to write your memoir? If so, why not?

Susan: People who don’t like subjects such as metaphysics and spirituality might not be interested in my work. I honestly don’t know.

NAMW:  Talk about who the audience is for your memoir.

Susan: I’m writing for truth seekers, caretakers, lovers, and hermits. Hopefully, other writers will like my work. It’s my purpose to support women who help other women.

NAMW:  What is the most significant turning point in your life?

Susan:  The single, most critical event in my life occurred when I was ten years old. My mother had a cerebral aneurysm at 46. She recovered slowly, but the experience was traumatic. I’ve been highly sympathetic to “people with disabilities” ever since.

NAMW: Do you have a blog or other online location where you frequently post your writing?

Susan: My writings and artwork can be found at JournalWithSue.blogspot.com or SheWrites.com. I also have seven pages of book reviews on Amazon.com, under S.E. Rowland.

About the Author:

Susan Rowland is an artist, writer, and owner of BookLoverSells. She and her partner of 26 years, Jesse C. Jones, produce and sell fine art. She lives in the Southwest and facilitates journal workshops at community centers. She has two grown children, a cherished 6-year-old granddaughter, and a huge extended family. She’s certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® and Certified Sixth Sensory Intuitive ®. Email her for readings at sue_rowland@aaahawk.com. Her blog is:     Find her @SueRowland444 on Twitter.  SueElizabethRowland on Linkedin.

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