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An Interview with May 2011 Featured Member, Linda Hoye

NAMW:  What are you writing?

Linda: I was adopted as an infant and after my adoptive parents passed away when I was in my early twenties, I began my quest to find my birth family. In the years since I reunited with both the maternal and paternal sides of my birth family, I have learned that many adoptees share common personality traits and experience deep grief and wounding as a result of being separated from their family of origin. I am writing my memoir about the impact adoption had on me, and sharing my story of search, reunion, and quest for wholeness. My goal in writing about my own wounding and ultimate healing is that I will be able to let other adoptees know they are not alone, but also to help educate current and prospective adoptive parents regarding the unique issues that adoptive children deal with.

One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou who says that “When you know better you do better.” I hope to contribute to the dialog that helps us all know better with respect to adopted children so we can do better in the future.

NAMW:  If you could imagine the title of your story—what would it be?

Linda: The working title of my memoir is “Two Hearts”; it refers to a situation that occurred when I was piecing together the story of my birth mother and came across a remarkable coincidence that connected my two mothers together for me.

NAMW:  What helps you to get your writing done—for instance—a writing schedule, taking a class, reading?

Linda: In order to finding time to write, I have to schedule it and keep it as a priority because I have a full-time corporate job.  I am fortunate to be able to work a flexible schedule that allows me to take every second Friday off. On those days I make writing a priority and usually escape to the quiet room at my local library for a few hours where I can work without being distracted by laundry, dishes, or my Yorkshire terriers.

NAMW:   What are your five favorite books—okay, you can make it a little longer if you need to.

Linda: Well, the Bible is the guidebook for my life so I have to list that first. For pleasure reading, anything written by Jodi Picoult is at the top of my list and recently I have been enjoying some of Kate Morton’s work: The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden.In the category of writing-related books, I am currently enjoying Jennifer Lauck’s audio book called The Writing Life. I enjoy reading many memoir books and enjoy the challenge of seeking out new books that are not necessarily in the mainstream. Whenever I go back to visit my children and grandchildren in Canada (which I do very often!), I always pay a visit to the bookstore to see what new Canadian books are out there.

NAMW:   Is there anyone who does not want you to write your memoir? Why not?

Linda: I don’t think so; I think my husband will be happy when it is finished though!

NAMW:  Talk about who the audience is for your memoir.

Linda: I hope my book will be of interest to anyone who has been touched by adoption either directly or indirectly. Whenever I meet new people and mention I was adopted, almost without exception, that person has been touched by adoption by some way either because they were adopted, they gave a child up for adoption, they have adopted a child, or they know someone in one of those categories. As I said earlier, my desire is to foster dialog from all sides of the adoption triad.

NAMW:  What is the most significant turning point in your life?

Linda: About seventeen years ago I found myself in the midst of a deep and enduring depression. During the months when I struggled to escape the darkness, with the help of an understanding counselor and the practice of constant journal writing, I went deep within to get to the source of the depression that overwhelmed me. I learned the most about myself during that dark time and eventually found an inner strength and conviction that enabled me to move forward with my life. While I would not wish clinical depression on anyone, in my case it was the catalyst for me to make necessary changes that ultimately enabled me to become the woman I am today.

NAMW: Do you have a blog or other online location where you frequently post your writing?  If so, what is the URL/web address/location.

Linda: Yes, I have a blog called A Slice of Life Writing

About the Author:

Linda Hoye is a full-time Business Analyst and a part-time writer who blogs at A Slice of Life Writing and coordinates Story Circle Network’s One Woman’s Day blog. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two doted-upon Yorkshire Terriers. Linda and her husband have four children and two brilliant grandchildren. Connect with Linda on Facebook at  facebook.com/linda.hoye and on Twitter at @lindahoye.

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