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The Business of Being an Author

with M.J. Rose, International Best-selling Author of 11 Books and Expert on the Business of Being an Author

Authors need to educate themselves on the business of being an author. Not the craft or the art. But the confusing and complicated mess that is the business of publishing. How can an author navigate if they’ve never learned to drive this car – and most of us haven’t. Most of us come from other disciplines and learned those jungles but then get into this one and have an agent and a publisher and let them duke it out. And we should let them duke it out – we want to be the good cop in the good/bad cop scenario and let our agents take the heat.

The Business of Being an Author, July 26, 2010, by M.J. Rose

Join bestselling author M.J. Rose as she furthers her thoughts and discusses the many things we as authors need to learn about the Business of Being an Author.

Topic:  The Business of Being an Author

Date: Friday February 18, 2011
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In this teleseminar, M.J. will:

  • Help you understand what questions to ask a potential editor, publisher or agent so you can understand the options and ramifications.
  • Learn to interpret what a having a contract really means.
  • Give some key tips on how to navigate the publishing industry.

About M.J. Rose:

M.J. Rose is the internationally bestselling author of eleven novels — including The Reincarnationist, The Memorist and The Hypnotist— and co-author of two non-fiction books — including Buzz your Book. Her Reincarnation series was the inspiration for the FOXTV series Past Life (2010)

A pioneer in internet marketing, Rose started the first marketing firm for authors -AuthorBuzz.com. She’s been profiled in Business Week, Forbes, The New York Times, Time and has appeared on The Today Show, Fox News Five, The Diane Rheims Show, the Jim Lehrer News Hour and CNN..

She has contributed to Wired.com, Oprah Magazine, Poets & Writers, Pages, Salon and others and is one of the founding board members of International Thriller Writers. ‘

Rose also teaches an online marketing class to help authors get buzz for their books.

Find M.J. Rose Online:


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