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Full Details Regarding  Cyber-Monday Membership Sale

Join between Monday 12:01 AM EST and Monday 11:59 PM EST at the lowest price available for a NEW MEMBERSHIP or RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP in the National Association of Memoir Writers.  In addition to our list of current membership benefits, individuals who purchase a NEW or RENEWAL Membership on Cyber-Monday will also receive a special gift.  Full details regarding this wonderful tool for memoir writers can be found below.

NEW 12 Month Membership                  $107               

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Existing NAMW Members can renew today to extend the term of their existing NAMW Membership by 12 months!


The National Association of Memoir Writers My Memoir Organizer

Keeping your stories organized with topics and categories helps you keep track of what you have written, and invites you to keep notes on stories you want to write in the future.  Each section gives you some writing prompts to get you started.

This 8×10, three-hole organizer has eight tabs, labeled with the subjects listed below.

1.     Roots and Legacies: my family
2.     Childhood Memories
3.     Land that I love; Houses
4.     The seasons of my life
5.     Births and deaths
6.     Love, Marriage, and Children
7.     Secrets and Hidden Truths
8.     Spirituality and Creativity

You can even add clear plastic sleeves for photos that you would like to save with your stories, and collect writing prompts to put into any of the categories for future reference.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@namw.org.  And happy Cyber-Monday shopping!

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