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Writing a memoir is a brave act that requires guts, skill, and motivation.

Guts–being willing to write your truths and secrets shows how brave you are.

Skills–you can learn fiction writing skills that bring your story alive.

Motivation–created by remembering all the reasons you are writing. What are yours?

These skills are important for memoir writers:

1. The ability to dive into memories, organize them, and reflect upon the meaning.

2. To learn the fictional tools and rules, and create great stories.

3. To find plot in the chaos of memories.

4. To have the courage to face inner demons, hidden truths, and family secrets.

The willinginess to explore the given “truths” to find a deeper meaning in the the stories of your life.

Join me Oct. 21 for the Writers Digest Memoir Webinar–in 90 minutes learn all the ways you can create a winning memoir.

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