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New at NAMW! Free roundtable discussions with experts in the field of memoir writing. The line is left open to all guests so they can ask questions about their own work with the guest speakers. Everyone who signs up for the roundtable receives an audio download of the conversation.
The Roundtable Discussions began in August, 2010. For the first session, Denis LeDoux from Turning Memories into Memoirs, talked with Sheila Bender and Linda Joy Myers about the creative process of writing a memoir. The idea that we are “meaning makers” inspired the audience to discuss meaning and theme in their memoirs, and to find value in the subconscious cues that we receive when we are open to them.

In September, Jane Friedman, a contributing editor at Writers Digest, led a discussion on Red Flags on Your First Page. Jane discussed the importance of beginning your memoir with a scene that invites the reader into your world, and emphasized that memoir writing is a long process of discovering your story and learning how to present it so the reader is drawn into your world. It’s imperative to use sensual details to help the reader feel and know that world.
Each month there will be a new guest with information on how to make your writing life meaningful and successful. On October 7, Nina Amir will talk with Linda Joy and callers on the line about Writing Nonfiction in November.

Please note the time and date for these calls on the home page of NAMW.

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