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Hi Writers!
I just returned from speaking at the National Association of Poetry Therapy conference in Washington, DC–all fired up about the love of writing! There’s nothing like a shot or two of poetry to enliven my sensibilities about language, story, imagery, metaphor, and meaning. Whew, that is a mouthful, but the truth is that writing your memoir stories and capturing a moment in a poem are not so different. In each memoir story, you’re looking at a moment that created change and transformation in your life, as poets do. As you write your memoir, you are seeking the deeper meaning of events and keeping an eye out for metaphors, meaning, and new ways to understand yourself and your story. And, the well you draw from is memory.

The following is a quote from Anam Cara by John
O’Donohue on the subject of memory:
“Memory is one of the most beautiful realities of the soul… Human memory is refined, sacred, and personal. Memory has its own inner selectivity and depth. Human memory is an inner temple of feeling and sensibility. The beauty and invitation of old age offer a time of silence and solitude for a visit to the house of your inner memory. You can revisit all of your past. Your soul is the place where your memory lives.”
I hope this quote inspired you to write another story filled with inspiration about memoir writing.

I’m inspired today! At NAMW, we’re preparing to welcome attendees to our free NAMW Telesummit Conference–which begins Friday morning. I lead off at 10 AM PDT talking about the power of writing memoir with my friend and colleague Kay Adams. And the day is full of inspiration and education. See you there!
–Linda Joy

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