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We’ve been working on finalizing the mp3’s from last Friday’s Telesummit so that you can download and listen in to any or all of the 5 Sessions on the Topic of Writing and Publishing Memoir.  If you signed up in advance, you are already on the list to receive the audio links, even if you didn’t participate in the live conference! 
And if you didn’t sign up yet, we’ve extended your ability to sign up.  We had a tremendous response on Thursday and Friday and found that our servers couldn’t handle the load.
Click here now to sign up so you’ll receive the audio downloads!–(We’re sorry, this promotion is no longer available).

You can still see the full listing of all of the speakers for the Spring 2010 Telesummit on our website, but know that we will send out another email within the next 24 hours with links to each of the mp3’s! 

We also wanted to make you aware of an exciting opportunity that was just finalized today.  The NAMW Advisory Board has decided to publish the audio files from last year’s Spring 2009 Telesummit and make them available to NAMW Member’s exclusively for the next 30 days or so at no additional charge!  These audio mp3’s will be available to NAMW members in the NAMW Member Audio Download area of the website beginning tomorrow.  If you are already a member, be sure to download them prior to May 31st 2010!  Following May 31st 2010, the only way to access these files will be through our online store as a DVD for $45 plus shipping!

If access to the Spring 2009 Member Teleseminar audio recordings wasn’t enough reason to join, now really is a great time to become an NAMW member, as the price of membership will increase to $149 beginning at Midnight EDT on Monday April 26th, 2010.  Join today for the current price of $127 and take part in this Friday’s Monthly Member-only Teleseminar on The Power of Platform: Tools, Tips & Techniques to Help Authors Promote Themselves and Their Work.   We’ll also announce a new member benefit this Friday during this teleseminar that will specifically help NAMW members with their platform building efforts that makes the cost of membership a truly worthy investment! 

We can’t wait to send the audio mp3’s to you from last Friday’s telesummit!  Again, if you haven’t already signed up to get these free mp3’s, you can do so by clicking here (we’re sorry, this promotion is no longer available).  And we would love to welcome you as a member of NAMW so you can receive the mp3’s of the 2009 Spring Telesummit AND participate in this Friday’s Monthly Member-only Teleseminar.  You can see a full list of our Member-only benefits by clicking here. 

Thank you for your interest in NAMW.  If you need assistance now or in the future, please contact us at info@namw.org or you can reach Staci in our Member Benefits Department via telephone at (952) 210-7657.  Either way you choose to contact us, we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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