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The NAMW telesummit event is still going on–if you are still listening and learning from the audios. The event for me was all about being immersed in the world of story, creativity, and a sensual spring day. From my window I  had a great view of my wisteria, and the birds and bees that nuzzled into the flowers while on the phone we were all sharing our passion about the power of stories to transform us.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love the world of story writing, I love how  stories enter us and change us, and how we wrestle with words, images and ideas when we as writers open the door to a story. There are circles of stories–all entwining around each other as we share, read, and create. I hope that your week is rich in story, that you find ways to tune into the next story that is making its way to you.

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