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Become a NAMW member today before the cost of membership increases at Midnight EDT tonight! 

If you weren’t able to listen in on last Friday’s Monthly Member-only Teleseminar, not only did you miss out on a great teleseminar, you missed out on some fantastic news regarding 4 new benefits of membership available to NAMW members!  We’re excited to share the details with you within the body of this email (be sure to scroll down to see them all) or if you are already a NAMW member, feel free to access last Friday’s Teleseminar, The Power of Platform: Tools, Tips & Techniques to Help Authors Promote Themselves and Their Work to listen in on the details.
If the 4 new membership benefits and the Spring 2009 Member Teleseminar audio recordings that we mentioned last week weren’t enough reason to join, now really is a great time to become an NAMW member. The price of membership will increase to $149 beginning at Midnight EDT TONIGHT.  Join today for the current price of $127  and take advantage of these new membership benefits as outlined below!
So, as promised, here are the new benefits our NAMW Members will receive!
New Membership Benefit #1:
NAMW Member Logo
While NAMW is an organization that provides benefits to hobbyist and professional memoir writers alike, NAMW is the authoritative memoir writing membership organization and is recognized as such by publishers, agents and the professional memoir writing community.  Your membership in NAMW reflects your passion for memoir writing.  And now, you have an exclusive logo that you can use on your blog, website or print materials to reflect your true commitment to the craft!  What better way to help build your author platform!
New Membership Benefit #2
NAMW members are some of the most gifted writers in memoir today.  Our new Guest Blog will give members the opportunity to become a guest blogger at the most influential Memoir Writing membership organization on the .net!   Not only will your work be featured on the NAMW, we’ll help you promote your post through social networking efforts.  Another great opportunity to ‘get the word out,’ about yourself and your work!
New Membership Benefit #3
NAMW Member Directory
Are you a ghost writer?  Do you offer a service that could benefit a memoir writer?  Are you trying to land an agent or a publisher?  The new NAMW Member Directory will give our NAMW members a place to highlight their talents and ‘be found,’ by anyone who visits the NAMW website.  Members will receive a link to their blog or contact details as well as a photograph and bio.  We’ll also list the length of time you have been an NAMW member!
New Membership Benefit #4
NAMW Exclusive NAMW Member Facebook Group
Social networking is a fantastic way to connect and communicate with other memoir writers as well as professionals within the memoir writing community.  While NAMW will continue to support our NAMW fan page on facebook, we’re also adding a NAMW Member-only Facebook group.  Inclusion within this group will be by invitation only!  Stand out on Facebook as an official member of the National Association of Memoir Writers!  Members, look for your invitation via email very soon.


Ready to join now?  Not quite sure you are ready to join?  You can see a full list of our Member-only benefits by clicking here.

If you are a member and have any questions, please let us know.  And check out the NAMW Newsletter that will be sent to you on May 7th for further details about how to take advantage of these new and exciting benefits.

If you are already a member of NAMW, thank you.  And if you are considering membership and have questions, please contact us at info@namw.org or you can reach Staci in our Member Benefits Department via telephone at (952) 210-7657.  Either way you choose to contact us, we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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