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Kay Adams

Kay Helps Writers Get Results from their Vision for Memoir
Sign Up Below (we’re sorry, this promotion is no longer available)You’ve got the vision of the memoir in your head, journal, heart and pen — but the result? Not so much!
In this energy-packed hour, Kay Adams will share the secrets of manifesting the vision for your memoir. Using practical techniques drawn from applied science, she’ll give you the first steps for turning your thinking upside-down and getting immediately different (and better) results!

Kay will talk about:

  1. A simple technique to move “current reality” in the direction of “vision”
  2. How to use this technique to blast through writer’s block, boredom, paralysis, and fear
  3. Four fundamental choices that will keep you aligned with best possible outcomes. Come prepared with your notebook or journal and a sturdy rubber band. Adapted from the work of Robert Fritz, The Path of Least Resistance.

Kathleen Adams, LPC, is the Director of the Center for Journal Therapy. She studied with Robert Fritz in the mid-1980s, and since then Kay has used these techniques to create the Center for Journal Therapy, six books, global leadership in the field of journal therapy, three credentialing programs in therapeutic writing, two journal conferences, a beautiful flower garden, and much more. www.journaltherapy.com

Session 3 of the 2010 National Association of Memoir Writers Memoir Writing Telesummit—From Transformation to Publication

Topic: Manifesting Your Memoir
Speaker: Kay Adams, LPC, Director of Center for Journal Therapy
Date: Friday April 16, 2010
Time: 12:30 PM PDT | 1:30 PM MDT | 2:30 PM CDT | 3:30 PM EDT
Session Length: 1 Hour

You can participate in this or any of the other 4 sessions during this day long memoir writing event, LIVE, via telephone or receive the link to download the audio by simply signing up here below. We look forward to having you join us for this wonderful, informative day with professionals who will help you get to your important next steps in your memoir journey.

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