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Denis LeDoux

Denis Shares His Experience and Advice for Transforming a Journal Into Memoir

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The journal is a natural source of material for a memoir. But, even more, it can be the text of a memoir. In your journal, you may have much of your book already written, if not digested. In this session, I Denis will help to smooth the process of going from journal to memoir.

  1. Think about what to write in your journal today. Save time now! Note what you want to take out later.
  2. How to mine an existing journal. Don’t overlook the obvious.
  3. Structure and format to choose for the resulting memoir.
  4. Generating material that’s not in the journal. Especially challenging is when it’s someone else’s journal. How do you supplement?
  5. Unifying the disparate elements. Your journal is a hodgepodge—that’s its beauty. A memoir calls for you to create unity out of that hodgepodge.
  6. Being patient with the healing process. It’s not separate from the work—it’s all connected.

Denis’ life companion and work mate at Soleil Lifestory Network, Martha Blowen, died on August 18th, 2008, of metastasized breast cancer. Beginning before we Denis and Martha met and continuing through the decades we they lived and worked together, both Martha and Iand Denis kept journals. Before Marthashe died, I Denis asked Martha for permission to use her journals to incorporate into a book about the experience of her cancer. I amDenis is currently creating a manuscript that combines both of our journalsthe journals of Denis and Martha into a book. Our Denis and Martha’s (almost) daily writing was a way to understand, experience (or interpret) and accept Martha’s illness. Compiling the book is an opportunity for me Denis to come to terms with herMartha’s death.

In addition, from January to the end of July 2008, Martha regularly drew triptychs of her dreams, feelings, and hopes and fears. Her artwork will also figure in the two books that will ultimately come out of the journals. The current book, which will cover the first year of her illness, is tentatively called The Meaning of Meaninglessness.

Bio: Denis Ledoux, MA, founded The Soleil Lifestory Network in 1988. He is the author of Turning Memories Into Memoir / A Handbook for Writing Lifestories. The book is available for $24.95 with free shipping for everyone on the call.

Session 2 of the 2010 National Association of Memoir Writers Memoir Writing Telesummit—From Transformation to Publication

Topic: Transforming a Journal Into Memoir – click here to learn more!
Speaker: Denis LeDoux, MA, Founder The Soleil Lifestory Network
Time: 11:15 AM PDT | 12:15 PM MDT | 1:15 PM CDT | 2:15 PM EDT
Date: Friday April 16, 2010
Session Length: 1 Hour

You can participate in this or any of the other 4 sessions during this day long memoir writing event, LIVE, via telephone or receive the link to download the audio by simply signing up here below. We look forward to having you join us for this wonderful, informative day with professionals who will help you get to your important next steps in your memoir journey.

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