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Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D.

Linda Joy Myers in Exclusive Interview with Kay Adams about the Power of Memoir to Heal and Transform. Sign Up Below!Memoir writing is a pathway toward greater inner knowledge and personal freedom. Research shows that writing untangles old neural pathways and makes it possible to heal traumas and unresolved issues, as well as help people write themselves into a positive present and future.

Linda Joy knows about the path toward healing from personal experience, through her own therapy and through writing her memoir Don’t Call Me Mother, along with her thirty years as a therapist working on healing with clients. Her books about writing and healing reveal the important steps to take to not only write a memoir that can help to heal, but eventually can reach out to others and inspire them toward their own growth.

Kay Adams, interviewer for this session and Telesummit presenter during our 12:30 PDT Session later in the day wrote the Foreword to The Power of Memoir, Linda Joy’s most recent publication. She has been familiar with Linda Joy and her work for many years. Linda and Kay will talk about the important elements of writing a memoir, and how people who aren’t “writers” can learn how to put their stories on the page. They will discuss issues such as truth, families, shame and guilt, and the arc of narrative and emotional healing, and how to get started writing your healing stories.

Session 1 of the 2010 National Association of Memoir Writers Memoir Writing Telesummit

Topic: The Power of Memoir to Heal and Transform: An Interview with the Author
Speaker: Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., NAMW Founder & President, Interviewed by Kay Adams, Director of Center for Journal Therapy
Date: Friday April 16, 2010
Time: 10:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM MDT | Noon CDT | 1:00 EDT

You can participate in this or any of the other 4 sessions during this day long memoir writing event, LIVE, via telephone or receive the link to download the audio by simply signing up here below. We look forward to having you join us for this wonderful, informative day with professionals who will help you get to your important next steps in your memoir journey.

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