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A Truly Exciting Journey!

I have been enjoying the release of my new book The Power of Memoir. People were inspired to hear my agent Verna Dreisbach and my publisher Alan Rinzler talk about the progress of an idea to a finished book. Several of the students who were published in my book were able to come and share their powerful stories, which was so moving that there were some tears and quite a few intense conversations afterward. I’m pleased to discover that when people hear about the ideas and writing tips in the book, they feel supported and inspired to write their stories. In each audience, people wanted to know more about writing their truths, how to handle family secrets, and how to begin their memoir. The Power of Memoir addresses the path of writing from earliest desire to published book, and highlights the struggles that people have with truth, the inner critic, structure, and the psychology of writing a memoir. The chapter on how writing heals presents the fascinating research about writing as healing, and shows how beneficial writing brief vignettes can be. The Power of Memoir is available at all bookstores and can be ordered from Amazon.com. It’s a guide that any person who wants to write their stories can use—to create a legacy, to sort through the past, and to capture important memories, whether for the family or the larger world. We all connect with each other through our personal writing, and hold the light for others as they make their way on the path of life.

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