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After dinner earlier this evening, I settled down to my computer and was busy writing. Jim had taken our grandson, Dane, outside to his garage, and they were busy working on Jim’s painting project. My female cat, Lambie Pie, started meowing loudly from the kitchen. Thinking that she was just lonely out there all by herself and assuming that we’d all left, I merely ignored her cries. Once or twice I called out to her thinking she’d realize she was not left alone and come in to join me. After several minutes of her constant meowing, I finally got up to go check on her.

“Wow,” I thought, “it sure is cold in here!” I looked around, but I didn’t find any windows open from earlier today that I may have forgotten when I closed them all. When Lambie Pie saw me, her cries went from the lonely howl to the “Hi, I’m happy to see you,” but she kept up the meows! “What’s wrong, Lambie Pie?” I asked the cat. It was so unusual for her to continually meow like that.

Finally, I noticed the back door to the garage had not been pulled tight when the guys went outside nearly 30 minutes earlier. The strong wind outside was enough to keep the door open about four or five inches. I knew right away that my other cat, Minty, surely must’ve escaped. My cats are strictly indoor cats, because we have lots of coyotes and red fox roaming around our neighborhood. A cat is lucky to survive three or four weeks if left outside in our rural area.

I ran outside closing the door behind me. It was beginning to get dark, and I was starting to panic thinking I’d never find my cat. Fortunately, however, he had only wandered around to the back side of the house and was happily munching on grass. When I came back in, Lambie Pie was happy again. I found her pal for her, and she knew she had succeeded in getting my attention and letting me know that something was wrong. Good Job, Lambie Pie!

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