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Sometimes…, I still feel your eyes on me.
An unexpected sound, and I know it’s you,
Reminding me of something I should do.
You were always amused by my scatteredness.

Last fall we went away, for the last time,
To the mountains, for the turning of the aspen,
To smell the chill clean alpine air,
And feel the warmth of an unfiltered sun.
We hiked, arm-in-arm, but not too far;
You were weak from the medicine.
I crushed pine needles and held my gloves to your nose;
Then took a picture of us smiling back at my hand.
That silly green frog doll I gave you,
That makes a kissing sound,
When you squeeze its foot?
(You kept it on the television.)
You kissed me,
And now I shall become a prince.

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