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This is what people were saying yesterday about the all day telesummit. “Thanks for giving us all this great information,” said one participant. “I learned so much,” said another.

What a whirlwind–we started the day with Sheri McConnell of the National Association of Women Writers talking about the business end of getting a book into the world–how you present yourself is evident in your website, blog, and message. She suggested, “Put the pages you begin writing into a nice binder with a cover that inspires you. That way it seems more real.”

She urged writers to educate themselves, set goals, and become accountable to their dedication to writing. We learned about branding, platform, and marketing–which may seem daunting if you are starting out, but if you want to pursue your writing into the publishing world, she urges you begin to build that path from the beginning.

If you want to hear everything Sheri had to say, just sign up for the telesummit. You can still sign up and get the audio download for the whole telesummit.

Keep writing, learning, and honing your stories!

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