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As the world on TV or in the news goes through its struggles and challenges, we may find ourselves feeling worried, distracted, or feeling discouraged about writing our stories. But when troubles come, that is the best time for you to write, to create a testament to your experience.

When we read personal memoir stories we are brought into a period of history, a time we may have read about broadly in a newspaper or heard our own relatives talk about at the kitchen table. When we read/hear their direct experiences, the stories do not seem ordinary—we are caught up in riveting stories of survival.

Our own testimonials of daily life create a legacy to the moments that make up our lives, as we document our thoughts, worries, and reactions as humans to the ongoing challenges of living. These legacies are valuable creative projects–despite the stock market or worries that sizzle in our minds.

Taking time to write slows down the speedy reactive mind, and invites us to become centered and still. It is from this place that we create, from a place of witness and storying. Stories become the stepping stones of consciousness, bringers of light and perspective to the topsy turvy nature of the times we live in.

So today, pick up your pen and capture your own news of today—where you are, what you think, what you are doing. These are the seeds to more stories about who you are, and the legacy you are creating.

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