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Join us on September 18 with our guest Matilda Butler for a teleseminar on “Sharpen Your Story Using Collective Memoir Techniques”

Matilda Butler
Matilda Butler will talk to us about ways to strengthen your individual memoir by using techniques from the collective memoir. A collective memoir is a weaving together of different threads of stories written (or told) by many different people. Matilda will draw upon her own experience writing Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, the compilation of over 100 stories by women she interviewed. Interwoven into these stories are archival photographs and quotes from published memoirs to create a tapestry of voices that deepen our understanding of how women’s lives changed and evolved since WWII.

You may not be thinking about a collective memoir. That’s why Matilda is eager to share with you some of the techniques from this memoir genre that may help you create a more textured individual memoir and that can give power to your theme and message.

  • What is a collective memoir?
  • How common is the collective memoir?
  • How do you use the techniques of the collective memoir in an individual memoir?
  • Once you’ve used some of these techniques, how do you incorporate them into an individual memoir?

These and other topics will be part of this fascinating exploration of the power of many voices to tell our stories.

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