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The Path to Publishing—Traditional vs. Self-Publishing, and Everything in Between

by Dan Poynter
Entering the world of publishing can seem daunting for someone who has been sitting at a computer for years alone, writing. There is so much to learn about—finding an agent, how the publishing world works, and how to makes one’s way through the maze.

Dan Poynter is an expert speaker and author about publishing choices. A dynamic speaker, he has a lot to say about the process, including some very important tips and warnings about where not to go, and what to watch out for.

• Finding an agent
• The difference between vanity publishing and self-publishing
• The book publishing industry and the belief that it is best to be published in New York
• Should an author self-publish—why and why not?
• What are the chances of a new, unpublished author having his or her book picked up by a major publisher?
• Getting testimonials from important people
• Book promotion and marketing—the realities of the industry

Dan Poynter is the author of several books about publishing and other topics, and has sold millions of his books, including several best sellers, for tens of millions of dollars in sales. His books The Self publishing Manual and Writing Nonfiction have been helpful guides to writers for many years, taking writers through all the steps from idea to published book. Dan was prompted to write The Self-Publishing Manual because so many publishers wanted to know his secret to selling so many books. He won the Benjamin Franklin Award and is a past vice-president of the Publisher’s Marketing Association. Dan’s seminars have been featured on CNN, his books have been pictured in The Wall Street Journal, and his story has been told in U.S. News & World Report. Dan is one of the publishing industry’s most energetic, experienced and respected leaders. Visit www.parapublishing.com.

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