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Injecting Emotion into a Memoir Plot

by Martha Alderson
Martha Alderson, an expert on plot and structure and the author of Blockbuster Plots, will present a special topic at our telesummit—Infusing Emotion into a Memoir Plot. The topic of emotional development throughout a memoir is challenging to most memoir writers, especially as you need to weave your own emotions into the story and develop yourself as a character.

The reason most people enjoy memoirs is because reading about other people’s lives arouses our emotions. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT is the way that writers bring characters alive on the page, and at the core of the characters are their emotional lives. Creating emotional material is challenging to all writers, but especially to memoirists because they are so close to the story being told. If the “I” character does not deliver emotion properly, the memoir will appear abstract and analytical.

An international plot consultant for writers, Martha Alderson will show in three easy steps how to develop emotion as you write your memoir.

1. What is character emotional development and why is it important?
2. The three most powerful ways to create emotion in a memoir
3. The art of writing emotion in scene

Martha Alderson, author of Blockbuster Plots has created a unique line of plot tools for writers, including the upcoming Plot for Memoirists eBook. She teaches scene development and plot workshops privately and at conferences. For plot tips, visit: http://www.blockbusterplots.com

Best-selling authors, screenwriters, memoirists, writing teachers and fiction editors turn to Martha Alderson, M.A. for help with creating plot. She has won attention in several literary writing contests, including the William Faulkner Writing Contest and the Heekin Foundation Prize.

She takes readers and writers alike beyond the words and into the very heart of a story.
As the founder of Blockbuster Plots for Writers, she manages a popular blog: http://plotwhisperer.blogspot.com

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