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Stay the course! Writing a memoir is a little like a long-distance marathon. You need to take breaks, drink water, and keep up a pace that you can manage without falling to the wayside. A few tips:

Write short vignettes regularly–at least a couple of times a week. People who have day jobs and families find it hard to write every day, and it’s not necessary. A regular writing schedule works just fine.

Make lists of memories. Lists are a good way to engage yourself in the process of remembering and imagining what you want to write about.

Select your ten favorite photos. Prop them up on your desk and make lists, imagine the scenes before and after the photos.

Write about the feelings you have when you look at the photos. What are the smells and sounds and colors in the scene that are not in the photo? Who is taking the picture?

When you are stuck, go to a coffee shop and write about what is around you. Freewrite for ten minutes, and you will feel much better!

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