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It is the time of the year when we are bathed in light, when the soft breezes relax us and allow our creative minds to flow into dream and image and memory. Allow your right brain to relax and enjoy the warmth and relaxation, knowing that you are in a creative process even if you are not writing. We all need time to allow ourselves to sink into our dream self to find out what we want to say.

Summer Writing Exercises

Summer brings to mind vacations, extremes of weather, and picnics. Swimming, playing, and sun. Mountains and forests and rivers call to us, and we respond. Nature invites us outside to play. What kind of playing do you remember as a child? Or were you an indoor person even in summer? In the summer we don’t want to spend as much time writing at the computer. We may want to walk, garden, or just lie around in a hammock. But you can still write flash stories.

* Flash stories are quick moments of memory. You can write them in six words, six sentences or six pages. See how much you can say using very few words.
* What weather stories could you tell about summers when you were a child?
* Do you celebrate the summer solstice? How?
* Write a scene using sensual details’ sound, touch, smell, description to show a summer experience that you treasure to this day.
* What is your favorite summer food?

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