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As I talk with other memoir writers in person and through emails, I notice there are several stages we all go through in the creative process. There is no “right” way to create, only different ways and paths that we take. We all have the inner gift of creativity and there are so many ways to access our deep inborn talents in whatever we do.

The creative spark inside all of us as human beings is something I have always valued and treasured. I began knowing about this special spark when I was a young girl learning the piano and the cello. It really became clear to me as I began to play with others in the symphony and in chamber music. I felt this connection with others that was deep and sweet, but I never talked about it with anyone. Of course, the style in those days was not to talk to anyone about anything much, and besides, little girls were supposed to be imagining anything they might perceive, so this deep feeling of connection through creativity was a silent awareness for a long time–until adulthood, when I read about the creativity spark/connection in books, and now it is discussed everywhere, including in books and research about the brain, healing, and spirituality.

For all of you who have been silent, closet, or shy creators, it is fine to keep these special moments to yourself, but you might want to talk with others of like mind too. You can find some of these creators here, at NAMW and at other online writing groups and at bookstores.

Go to a book reading. Post a comment on someone’s book that you have read and liked. Or didn’t like.

Do something every day that feeds your creativity and connection with the world–plant a garden, take a photograph, write for 10 minutes. Take a walk and absorb the world through your senses, talk to your cat or dog or horse; make eye contact the next time you grab a quick coffee. Thank someone for helping you. Make a gratitude list. Cook a great meal. Enjoy.

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