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Discovering Midlife Creativity
June 5 Teleseminar

Dotsie Bregel, Founder of the National Association of Baby Boomer Women (NABBW)

All NAMW members receive the mp3 to listen to after the call!

Midlife is a time for discovery, a time when women look back to what made them tick as a child, yearning for the sense of happiness and creativity they felt then. Whether it’s writing, painting, horseback riding, or creating artistic pieces, midlife creativity is receiving a warm welcome and is a significant aspect of women’s development. In fact, it is a time when women excel in creative energy, ready for new adventures and explorations!

Join Dotsie as she walks you through discovering your creative spirit and gives you the gumption to begin anew.

On this call you will learn:
• How to be still and discern your creative gift
• How to work it out on paper
• How to take the steps needed to get you on your path to living a creative midlife
• How to stay focused and stay on the path
• How to use your creativity to bolster your self-esteem

Dotsie Bregel is the founder of the National Association for Baby Boomer Women, www.nabbw.com and www.BoomerWomenSpeak.com. She passionately believes in connecting—with women, with their ideas, and with the undaunted spirit that resides in their hearts, especially with her own generation of Baby Boomer women.

NABBW is an online organization devoted to supporting, empowering, and educating Baby Boomer women. Dotsie has been quoted in Time magazine and AARP Bulletin and has appeared on The Early Show (CBS) and ABC’s Top Priority, and writes for several boomer publications. In addition, she is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and speaks about Baby Boomer women at conferences.

Email: Dots@BoomerWomenSpeak.com
phone: 877-BBOOMER

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