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Writing a memoir invites you to tell your story in your own voice, and it can stir up ghosts from the past. However, we learn to be in charge of how much we write and how far we go into the more challenging stories of our lives. Our writing is shaped by our intent and focus. At the same time, we are inviting the right brain to help us to create without worrying about final products or final drafts. Writing is a process that sweeps us along some of the time, and makes us stop to think at others. Think of your writing as something you can do in small pieces, like quilting.

It helps to start with the turning points of our lives—the moments that changed your and helped to shape who you are today. Invite your memories to surface about these life changing times, and think about how you are different and the paths you have taken as a result.

• List the moments that changed you
• People who changed you
• Places that changed you
• Events that altered your perception of self and family

After making your lists, select a new topic each day to write about. The first two days, write for 10 minutes. The next day write for 15 minutes.

By the end of the week write for 20 minutes each writing session. Put your pen on the page and freewrite for the minutes suggested.

Don’t allow the inner critic to judge your writing! This is the most important part. Accept and welcome your writing as you would a good friend. Treat it well and it will reward you with more memories and more writing. Gather your small quilt pieces. More later on what to do with them.

Have a great week.

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