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My Memoir Organizer


$25.00 (includes book rate shipping)

Keeping your stories organized with topics and categories helps you keep track of what you have written, and invites you to keep notes on stories you want to write in the future. Each section gives you some writing prompts to get you started.This 8×10, three-hole organizer has eight tabs, labeled with the subjects listed below.

1.     Roots and Legacies: my family
2.     Childhood Memories
3.     Land that I love; Houses
4.     The seasons of my life
5.     Births and deaths
6.     Love, Marriage, and Children
7.     Secrets and Hidden Truths
8.     Spirituality and Creativity

You can even add clear plastic sleeves for photos that you would like to save with your stories, and collect writing prompts to
put into any of the categories for future reference.

The organizer will be sent to you via the USPS and the cost includes shipping via book rate shipping.  If you prefer expedited shipping,
please contact us BEFORE PURCHASING at and will help determine the best option for you.


The Power of Memoir by Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking book that presents an innovative step-by-step program using memoir writing on the journey of emotional and physical healing. By drawing upon the eight steps outlined in The Power of Memoir, you’ll learn how to choose the significant milestones in your life and weave together your personal story. You’ll discover how writing your truths and shaping your narrative propel you toward a life-changing transformation. The Power of Memoir offers the tools you need to heal the pain of the past and create a better present and brighter future.


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Don’t Call Me Mother: Breaking the Chain of Mother Daughter Abandonment
by Linda Joy Myers

Winner of the 2006 Gold Medal Award
presented by the Bay Area Independent Publishing Association (BAIPA).

DCMM Cover Rev5.inddindiefab-finalist

Buy from $13.22 U.S.

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5 Secrets to Writing a Publishable Memoir


CD + transcript (one hour of content) — $9.95 + shipping & handling

Linda Joy and Brooke share their top five secrets of memoir writing in this hour-long conversation. Whether you’re an aspiring memoirist or have a complete draft, you want to understand these skills and connections and leverage them in your own memoir. This conversation will leave you inspired, and also with some clear ideas about how to effect some powerful changes in your memoir.


$9.99 plus shipping

Memoir Revolution

by Jerry Waxler

Memoir Revolution

In the 1960s, Jerry Waxler, along with millions of his peers, attempted to find truth by rebelling against everything. After a lifetime of learning about himself and the world, he now finds himself in the middle of another social revolution. In the twenty-first century, increasing numbers of us are searching for truth by finding our stories. In Memoir Revolution, Waxler shows how memoirs link us to the ancient, pervasive system of thought called The Story. By translating our lives into this form, we reveal the meaning and purpose that eludes us when we view ourselves through the lens of memory.

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Learn to Write Your Memoir in 4 Weeks: A Step by Step Guide to Record the Stories of Your Life

by Jerry Waxler


Experiences come and go, trailing behind a string of memories, some fascinating, some ordinary, and everything in between. Reclaim those memories and turn them into stories you can share with others. Writing your memoir is not only about the past. It provides creative rewards now and in the future. The twenty eight steps in this book will teach you how to:

  • pull details and scenes out of the tangle of memories.
  • organize memories and shape them.
  • steer between truth and memory.
  • apply elements of story-telling.
  • cope with painful or awkward memories.
  • get started and keep going.

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