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Keeping your stories organized with topics and categories
helps you keep track of what you have written, and invites you
to keep notes on stories you want to write in the future.
Each section gives you some writing prompts to get you started.

This 8×10, three-hole organizer has eight tabs,
labeled with the subjects listed below.

1.     Roots and Legacies: my family
2.     Childhood Memories
3.     Land that I love; Houses
4.     The seasons of my life
5.     Births and deaths
6.     Love, Marriage, and Children
7.     Secrets and Hidden Truths
8.     Spirituality and Creativity

You can even add clear plastic sleeves for photos that you
would like to save with your stories, and collect writing prompts to
put into any of the categories for future reference.

The organizer will be sent to you via the USPS
and the cost includes shipping via book rate shipping. 
If you prefer expedited shipping,
please contact us BEFORE PURCHASING
at and will help determine the best option for you.



$25.00 (includes book rate shipping)

Memoir Mentoring, Coaching, and Editing

Memoir Writing Mentoring Package
with Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D., MFT

Founder and president of the National Association of Memoir Writers, Linda Joy is passionate about books, writing, and especially memoir. Though she used to read in bed with a flashlight, now she reads several books a week everywhere—at a café, at home, or in a waiting room.

Linda is the author of three books—Becoming Whole: Writing Your Healing Story; Don’t Call Me Mother—Breaking the Chain of Mother-Daughter Abandonment; The Power of Memoir—How to Write Your Healing Story.

A new book in proposal stage: Truth or Lie—On the Cusp of Memoir and Fiction; an eBook to be released 2012: Writing the Shadow—An Encounter with Your Creative Soul

Through writing we learn how to write. Through being seen, heard and supported, we grow.

After you’ve begun your manuscript, you may have questions like these:

  • Does the book make sense to the outside reader?
  • Is it ready for an agent or publisher to read?
  • I have a feeling it needs some help, but I’m not sure what should be done.
  • Was I too hard or judgmental about certain people in the memoir?
  • Does the plot work?
  • Will the reader feel that I’m feeling sorry for myself when I write about abuse and other sorrowful things?
  • Can I change names in the memoir and not call it fiction?
  • What about changing places, descriptions, and identifying information—can this still be a memoir?
  • Can I write well enough to get published?
  • Is my grammar and spelling okay?

Writing a memoir requires that we come to terms with the situations in our lives, painful and joyful, the dark nights of the soul, life challenges, and moments of great joy and ecstasy. A memoir makes demands on us—it requires us to unzip our hidden selves and stand naked to the world, once we are published. Writing is a journey of self, soul, and creative artistry. Through writing we discover more about who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. It is a rewarding journey, and it is helpful to have wise helpers along the way, as do those who journey in mythic worlds. They come upon a Gandalf or a fairy godmother helper to work with the energies for a successful outcome.

Not that mentoring is magic, but it IS helpful to have a coach, someone cheering you on, and teaching you the path at the same time. One day, you will be able to share that knowledge with someone full circle.

Contact Linda Joy at with your inquiry about coaching, mentoring and editing services. The first 1/2 hour consultation is FREE.

Click here to learn more about coaching with Linda Joy.

 *                            *                             *                             *                               *

Private coaching/mentoring at $125/hour

We meet on the phone or in person for personal consultation about your work. I listen to what
you book is about, read some pages with you, and sort through what needs to be done to create success for you as a writer and author.

A writing mentor guides you through the process of writing a book, not just the techniques. It
can be frustrating and challenging to maintain focus and energy to become the writer we want to be. Time, support, and focused feedback help you reach your writing goals, and keep up your spirits too.

Ongoing mentoring helps you by

  • Giving you structure
  • Setting up a schedule
  • Making demands on your creative muse
  • Giving you deadlines and assignments


$595.00 (Premier Coaching Package)





















$125.00 (1 hour)




$289 (3 hours)



The Power of Memoir by Linda Joy Myers, Ph.D. is a groundbreaking book
that presents an innovative step-by-step program using memoir writing on
the journey of emotional and physical healing. By drawing upon the eight
steps outlined in The Power of Memoir, you’ll learn how to choose the
significant milestones in your life and weave together your personal story.
You’ll discover how writing your truths and shaping your narrative propel
you toward a life-changing transformation.
The Power of Memoir offers the tools you need to heal the pain of the past
and create a better present and brighter future.
| Visit



Buy from $11.53 U.S.
Kindle Edition: $9.99
Click here to Order the Paperback
or Download Kindle Edition Now!

DCMM Cover Rev5.indd













Don’t Call Me Mother:Breaking the Chain of Mother Daughter Abandonment
by Linda Joy MyersWinner of the 2006 Gold Medal Award
presented by the Bay Area Independent Publishing Association (BAIPA).



Buy from $13.22 U.S.

5 Secrets to Writing a Publishable Memoir


CD + transcript (one hour of content) — $9.95 + shipping & handling

Linda Joy and Brooke share their top five secrets of memoir writing in this hour-long conversation. Whether you’re an aspiring memoirist or have a complete draft, you want to understand these skills and connections and leverage them in your own memoir. This conversation will leave you inspired, and also with some clear ideas about how to effect some powerful changes in your memoir.


  $9.99 plus shipping


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