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Free Events at the National Association of Memoir Writers


By now, writers are aware that the publishing world is undergoing a volcanic eruption that has changed the landscape forever.  Ten years ago, when I published my first book Becoming Whole, it was "against the rules" to give anyone the hint that you were self-published. It was a dirty word then and generally understood that any self-published book was just not any good. Those of us writing and developing our books to the highest level of professionalism, which most writers did, were not in … [Read more...]

Self-Publish Your Book on a Shoestring |Free Roundtable Discussion

Sharon Profile 450

April 3, 2014 Roundtable Sharon Lippincott and Boyd Lemon 4 PM PDT  5  PM MDT  6 PM CDT  7 PM EDT Some authors aim for wide-spread acclaim and million-copy sales, and they are willing and able to invest thousands of dollars to make that happen. Far more are primarily concerned with producing a high-quality product at an affordable price, primarily for friends and family. Services like CreateSpace, Kindle, Lulu and Smashwords allow you to upload files at no cost and order only as many … [Read more...]

5 Things You Need to know To Become an Award Winning Author

Linda LBR

March 6, 2014  Roundtable Discussion Linda Bello Ruiz, Gold Medal Prize Winner 4 PM PDT   5 PM MDT   6 PM CDT   7 PM EDT   Linda (Cassells) Bello-Ruiz has written an award-winning memoir From Tears to Triumph, My Journey to The House of Hope. Originally from Redwood Valley, CA. She co-founded and directed The House of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica. Having never written a book, Linda did not she see herself as a "writer."  She had to navigate a steep learning curve to achieve her … [Read more...]

Who Am I Now? The Changing Self in Memoir | Roundtable Discussion, Mark Matousek

Mark Matousek

  February 6, 2014 4 PM PST  5 PM MST  6 PM CST  7 PM EST  Free Teleseminar--Sign up below to get the call-in number. One major challenge in memoir writing is the self changes over time.  Who you (or your narrator) were 30 years ago is not who you are today; not even your cells are the same (we get a whole new body of cells every seven years); so who is this "I" who's telling this story?  Linda Joy Myers and Mark Matousek will be talking about how to work with the shifting psyche in … [Read more...]

Storyboarding Your 2014 Vision | Free NAMW Roundtable Discussion

New years

   The dream changes at midnight.... from "New Year 2002" by Amy Christman  Roundtable Discussion January 9, 2014 4 PM PST  5 PM MST  6 PM CST  7 PM EST We begin each year filled with hope and possibilities for delicious outcomes, manifested visions, actualized goals. This will be the year our books will complete, we will build websites, we will master social media! Then, usually before the calendar page turns to February, "real life" descends and we've lost that oomph. I'm so … [Read more...]

Roundtable Discussion: Immersion Writing—A Field Guide and Discussion | Robin Hemley


  December 5, 2013 4 PM PST  5 PM MST  6 PM CST  7 PM EST I’m so pleased to have Robin Hemley back with us again for our Roundtable Discussion! I admire Robin’s work, and have read several of his books. In fact they are dog-eared and underlined, and I refer to them often. Turning Your Life Into Fiction is friendly readable compilation of stories, tips, and guidance for the memoir writer and for the writer who wants to adapt personal stories into fiction. His memoir Nola is poetic, … [Read more...]

Virtual Book Party! Times They Were A’Changing—Women Remember the ’60s & 70′s


Just Released from She Writes Press! Women's Memoir Essays about the '60s and '70s October 10, 2013 4 PM PDT  5 PM MDT  6 PM CDT  7 PM EDT Today at NAMW we are celebrating the release of the anthology Times They Were A'Changing—Women Remember the '60s and '70s.         The editors of this powerful anthology about the '60s and '70s invite you to join our celebration! Lift a glass of virtual—or real—champagne and join in our discussion with guest authors and the … [Read more...]

How to take the Overwhelm out of Social Media and Develop your Platform | Q&A with Dan Blank

Dan Blank

FREE  Roundtable Discussion September 12, 2013 4 PM PDT  5 PM MDT   6 PM CDT  7 PM EDT   Fellow memoirists and writers--Sometimes we can feel that the social media octopus has grabbed us with its many tentacles  to wrap around ourselves while we sink to the bottom of the ocean. At least that can be how it feels sometimes! Dan Blank, blog and social media expert, is going to talk with us about how to get LESS overwhelmed while learning how to choose your social media, and develop … [Read more...]

How to Write a Memoir about a Subculture that Connects with the Mainstream Culture | Free Roundtable August 8, 2013 – 4 PM

Shirley Showalter

August 8, 2013 Free Roundtable Discussion 4 PM PDT   5 PM MDT   6 PM CDT   7 PM EDT Shirley Showalter This presentation offers concrete examples of how to tell stories so readers unfamiliar with the place, culture, or group will not only learn about "the other," but will identify with people different from themselves. All writers need to do this—it's called the "universal message, and goes beyond subgroups to the universality of human experience. For example, women need to write so … [Read more...]

The Choices We Make & Writing About Others: The Price We Pay | Free Roundtable July 11, 2013 4 PM


    Laura Davis This roundtable discussion will explore the ethical, practical and emotional issues that we face when we write about real people in our lives, all of whom are bound to have strong feelings about the way they are depicted on the page. Evaluating our own ethical and artistic choices, and coming to terms with their responses (as well as our fear of potential responses), becomes more pressing as we move from personal writing toward publication.    Our Roundtable, with … [Read more...]