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Bird by Bird & Beyond |Workshop with Anne Lamott


 Here at the National Association of Memoir Writers, we are so pleased to be joining with Theo Pauline Nestor to help sponsor a day long event featuring Anne Lamott as keynote speaker--Bird by Bird & Beyond This will be a day focused on building storytelling skills and work strategies for writers and others interested in personal narrative, and it's open to everyone. No previous writing experience required. In the morning Theo Pauline Nestor, Candace Walsh, and Tanya Taylor Rubinstein will … [Read more...]

Indie Authors: Get Interviews, Create Platform on YouTube—and more

Jason Matthews author Pismo Beach1-cropped2

 June 28, 2013  11 AM PDT   12 PM MDT  1 PM CDT  2 PM EDT  Teleseminar  for Members of National Association of Memoir Writers The term "Indie Author" has become part of our popular parlance, much like "Indie Movies" began to be "in" when independent filmmakers realized they could operate parallel to the established system. This is happening now in the writing world, and one of the people celebrating this is Jason Matthews, who has a regular hangout show on Google Plus on Monday … [Read more...]

From First Time Memoir Writer to Award Winning Author | Free Roundtable June 6, 2013


We are pleased to have as our guest a non-native English speaker and writer who began writing a memoir with the burning desire to write his story. With the help of coaching, networking, and a lot of hard work, his book Lost Decency just became a finalist in the the prestigious Ben Franklin Awards competition for independently published books.   Atta Arghandiwal, Roundtable Speaker From the terrifying moments of leaving my homeland after the Russian invasion in August of 1980, I had … [Read more...]

Write a Spiritual/Healing Memoir Workshop | Spring 2013 Workshop leader Linda Joy Myers


Workshop dates: April 11- June 6, 2013 3 PM PDT   4 PM  MDT    5 PM    CDT    6 PM EDT 9 Sessions $390.00 for NAMW members Includes audios, feedback, and handouts Included for free: a paperback copy of my new workbook Journey of Memoir--The Three Stages of Memoir Writing We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies. ~Shirley Abbott   In this … [Read more...]

NAMW Member Teleseminar February 22, 2013 |The Ghost in the Memoir

Kim Pearson

  11 AM PST   12 PM MST    1 PM CST   2 PM EST Please join us for this informative teleseminar on ghost writing. Whether you want a ghostwriter for your memoir, or want to learn to ghostwrite for others, you will find useful information in this presentation by ghostwriting expert, Kim Pearson. Read what Kim has to say about this teleseminar.     It’s the nature of memoir to be full of ghosts from the past. But this discussion is about a ghost in the present. Ghostwriter, that … [Read more...]

Endorsements: The Art of Gathering a Book Blurb | Stephanie Barko

stephanie Barko

  Skill Building for Memoir Authors: NAMW Member Teleseminar December 14, 2012 11 AM PST 12 PM MST  1 PM CST  2 PM EST For many authors, finding endorsers and writing the dreaded query letter can be daunting, but as independent authors and writers, it's a skill we need to have. It's not too soon to start building your list of potential endorsers. Join us at this workshop with publicist Stephanie Barko to learn more about how, when, and who to contact to get some major buzz going about … [Read more...]

Memoir as Social Legacy | Discussion about the Power of History and Personal Change in your Memoir

hippie girls

  Free Roundtable Discussion December 6, 2012 4 PM PST 5 PM MST 6 PM CST 7 PM EST Linda Joy Myers, Kate Farrell, and Amber Starfire, editors When we write memoir, we're capturing not only setting, characters, and significant events, we're also creating a legacy of the times we lived in: we're creating personal history that is part of the larger fabric of that era, much like women pioneer diaries offer us now 150 years after they crossed the United States on foot. Kate Farrell, Linda … [Read more...]

The Secret of Writing Fast, Writing Deep: A Mini-Workshop for Memoir Writers

Matilda Butler

    Join Matilda Butler as she shares her new memoir writing system with  members of the National Association of Memoir Writers. During this hour-long workshop, she’ll reveal eight steps that can change the way you write. Learn how these steps allow you to write fast. And most importantly, learn how they take you deep into an understanding of your own story in a way that helps you “show” not “tell” your story.   To learn more about  the many benefits of becoming a member … [Read more...]

How to get Published, Reach Thousands of Readers, and Avoid Lawsuits with your Memoir

Mike O'Mary

  NAMW Free Telesummit Session One--November 2, 2012 Sign up to be on the call and get the FREE audio of the whole day. 10 AM PST 11 AM MST 12 PM CST 1 PM EST Mike O’Mary Mike O’Mary started Dream of Things in 2009, focusing on memoirs and anthologies of creative nonfiction. During this session, Mike will tell you what he looks for when he’s reading a new manuscript, including the three things that a memoir MUST have before he will offer you a publishing contract. You’ll also … [Read more...]

Memoir Writing: Capturing Your Moment in Time

Catherine Bramkamp

October NAMW Member Teleseminar October  26,  2012 11 AM PST 12 PM MST 1 PM CST 2 PM EST Catharine Bramkamp     "The whole world is a work of art [and] we are parts of the work of art. Hamlet or a Beethoven quartet is the truth about this vast mass that we call the world. But there is no Shakespeare, there is no Beethoven; certainly and emphatically there is no God; we are the words; we are the music; we are the thing itself."  ― Virginia Woolf, Moments of Being Woolf wrote … [Read more...]